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planning annual sales meeting custom sales training Problem: The AE’s are selling in a highly competitive environment. While they are confident and comfortable with their current account base they are being asked to prospect for more new accounts, and that has proved challenging. They AE’s lack the skills to help them identify targets and secure face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Furthermore, they don’t know how to clearly set expectations once they have appointments and often find themselves compromising on price to secure the business.

Approach: The AE’s need to gain access to key decision-makers. This will help them to overcome the challenges they face when going head to head with their competitors.

Solution: We created a custom simulation focused on account prioritization, identifying call points to access and establishing a foundation for doing business. A total of 400 AE’s and their managers participated in the 2-½ hour simulation, in which field teams of 8-12 people competed against one another in a competition to garner the most appointments. A facilitator attended each of the 12 breakout rooms, and the training content delivery was a combination of custom design and counselor prospecting. Senior leaders traveled from room to room judging the competition, and the winning team(s) received prizes.

Outcome: The EVP of sales said that the simulation was one of the top three highlights from the national sales meeting overall. “It was a great exercise and everyone had fun.”

More importantly, post-meeting research documented impressive results: more than 85% of the salespeople were successful in identifying key decision-makers, and 70% of those had successful business calls with the decision-makers. 62% of account managers closed at least one new opportunity.

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Ideas for your annual sales meeting Most of these ideas have been successfully implemented; others ideas are offered tongue-in-cheek.

  1. hold a virtual meeting
  2. do it the same way as you did it last year
  3. cancel the annual meeting this year (NOT REALLY)
  4. fire the outside firm that ran last year’s annual sales meeting
  5. cancel the global annual sales meeting and hold smaller sales meeting in each key continent
  6. invite your customers to participate
  7. turn everything over to your meeting planning function
  8. let your executive assistant take care of the entire meeting (WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE)
  9. communicate clear expectations to your presenters
  10. hold the meeting in Ely MN in January, average temp is – 10 degrees (THIS WORKS FOR AVID DOG SLEDDERS ONLY- A VERY SMALL GROUP OF ENTHUSIATS)
  11. reach out to your professional network to ask what they are doing for their annuals sales meeting
  12. assign the sale people with pre work
  13. reduce the average presentation time by half, then
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