Teamwork: Putting The Puzzle Together We…

  • are all about helping customers grow sales profitably.
  • provide sales organizations with the right skills, tools and processes to propel your organization forward by delivering greater value to your customers—and out-performing your competition.
  • bring more than 30 years of experience in sales leadership and selling in the B2B market.

There are three things you can count on us for:

Knowing our business and understanding yours

Some say it’s all about strategy. We say it’s all about how your team executes your strategy—teaching, coaching and consulting with your people to align their goals and actions with your strategy. Our role is to help you engage your team so they perform and win by growing business with current customers and gaining new customers.

Achieving your sales objectives through a unique solution

We examine your situation using five lenses that enable us to design a unique solution—one that delivers immediate, sustainable results. We’ll help you win more business in the short and long term. We’ll celebrate your wins and help you to systematically leverage them, rapidly deploying gained knowledge throughout your sales organization.

Building your sales force into a source of competitive advantage

Today, traditional sources of differentiation (brand, technology, economies of scale) are unsustainable. We believe that in the long run, sales effectiveness is the critical source of sustainable competitive advantage. We have the tools, skills and processes to distinguish you from your competitors.

Giving back to the community

We donate 5% of our net profits to the Poverty Action Lab at MIT. Their mission: reduce poverty. They do this by ensuring that policy is based on scientific evidence.

Click here to learn more about Poverty Action Lab at MIT.