Don’t Wait for Your Next Annual Sales Meeting to Celebrate!

B2B sales can be tough, albeit rewarding work, so celebrate success when key milestones are Celebration for a job well done achieved.

Celebrate successes that utilize your new sales strategy and plans, which you launched at your sales meeting. Nearly every successful sales organization is very effective at rewarding accomplishment of numerical goals such as achieving sales quotas, selling new products and winning new customers in a new market segment.However, depending on the length of your customers’ buying process, that may be too late to wait. This is because waiting until the end of the year means you’re missing an opportunity to motivate now!  By motivating your sales force now, you can positively impact sales performance and achieve your goals, by implementing the new strategy.

There are many people who would be motivated by a mid-year celebration, including:

The Achiever: Salesperson that achieves the milestone. Of course offering a financial reward such as a bonus is almost always a good thing. Try focusing, however, on the recognition you should give to the achiever. Benefits to recognizing an achiever include maintaining a high level of motivation and retention.

The Wannabe: These are the salespeople who want to be hitting milestones but are falling short. It’s a great way to tell people that success is possible and there is a proven path to achieving it. The benefits of sharing the success of others include motivating wannabes to either work harder, smarter and both.

The Sales Enablers: These are the people who enable your sales force to spend maximum time with their customers. They include the proposal team, marketing, the consultation and implementation teams and customer service. They want to know that all of their hard work has contributed to the successful achievement of the celebrated milestone. It’s also an opportunity to thank them for their contributions and results in an engaged sales enablement group

The Other Employees: The other people who enable the corporation to function effectively. These might include accounting, human resources, operations and production departments.

The Sales Manager: Yes, you! This is a great time to celebrate because you’re aware of what you’ve done to contribute to the company’s success and you have time to make decisions about moving forward so that you can ensure you achieve the year-end goals and objectives.

Interested in new ideas of how to celebrate success at your next sales meeting? If so feel free to contact me .

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