Workplace Communication We work with our customers by creating solutions that address a wide variety of challenges. Here are just some of the questions we help our clients address:

Our sales training hasn’t been upgraded in several years.
What changes should we make to improve our sales training without redoing our entire sales development program?
We want to be a more integral partner with our customer.
How do we become indispensable?
We need to improve our overall effectiveness and productivity.
What can we do to ensure we’re leveraging the best practices?
We spend too much time and money fighting off the competition with diminishing success.
How do we create and execute a more effective sales strategy?
We want to get closer to our customers, but customer loyalty seems to be an idea whose time has passed. Our customers have changed and we need a more consultative approach. How do we help our customers see our company as a resource?
What skills and tools do our salespeople need to become more consultative with our customers?
Our sales process is dated, inconsistent and less than effective.
What can we do to quickly improve our process?
Our salespeople need to call higher and wider as buying approvals are made at even higher levels.
What can we do to help our salespeople call higher and wider?
Our sales leaders were high-achieving salespeople. They know our business, our products and our customers, yet, they haven’t been successful as sales managers.
What should we do to help them better manage their sales teams and the sales process?
Should we worry about sales and marketing being less than 100% aligned?
What can be done to align sales and marketing—recognizing that we are two different functions with different leadership, goals and critical success factors?
We read more and more about social media. How do we figure out what social media can do for us and how to make it work?
What should we do to leverage social media while not wasting time and money?

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