Strategic Alignment

Building strategic alignment between sales and marketing translates short-and long-term strategies into clear action plans, supports a consistent value proposition and helps you better leverage resources.

We start by interviewing stakeholders and, when appropriate, conducting surveys to examine the alignment between marketing and sales. We assess the level of agreement on goals, strategy, plans and critical success factors to create a composite snapshot of the current situation.

We then conduct a strategic alignment session with stakeholders, building from that snapshot to increase alignment and create the optimal path for moving forward. This includes:

  • Creating a shared view of the business—especially changes that can have a significant impact on performance metrics, like sales, gross margin and market share.
  • Identifying sources of confidence and sources of risk and uncertainty to make certain that stakeholders hold a shared and accurate picture of the current reality.
  • Creating a profile of success —a specific framework that defines future success.
  • Building an opportunity map that identifies, defines and prioritizes the critical few areas which, if improved, will bring the greatest results. These become the primary strategic focus of the marketing and sales organizations.
  • Planning to take action by selecting a team leader and team members to create and drive an action plan.

Now the work begins!

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