Calling on “C” Suite

Our salespeople need to call higher and wider as buying approvals are made at increasingly higher levels.  What can we do to help our salespeople call higher and wider?

We recognize that salespeople need to be able to uncover, comprehend and link their offerings strategically to their clients’ most critical success areas. When they fail to do so, they are viewed as vendors and refused access to executive decision makers.

The key is to use proven tools to establish credibility quickly, then follow a logical questioning sequence to identify what is most critical to executives and achieving their strategic business goals.

We work with sales teams to ensure they can talk the language of business, speaking credibly with executives—including the C Suite—to determine how to bring business value . This means providing an offering that incrementally or exponentially affects your customer’s business performance in key targeted areas. We help salespeople:

  • Identify the key financial metrics and critical success factors
  • Create an access message
  • Gain access to strategic call points
  • Prepare for and conduct effective conversations with executives
  • Increase their comfort and confidence in calling on executives

Making high-impact calls on executives gives your salespeople a unique advantage. By understanding the customer’s most critical business issues, your salespeople can bring significant value that your competitors cannot match.

Interested in understanding how to help your salespeople be more effective at making strategic business calls? Contact us today. We will send you a list of the five most common mistakes to avoid.