Consultative Selling

We want to get closer to our customers, but customer loyalty seems to be an idea whose time has passed. Our customers have changed and we need a more consultative approach.  How do we help our customers see our company as a resource?  What skills and tools do our salespeople need to become more consultative with our customers?

We can help you mold your salespeople into sales consultants. This requires more than just using new skills: it’s a new way of thinking about your customers and what you can do for them.

It’s about building deeper and broader relationships with your customers so that you become indispensable to them and to their business. To be indispensable is to be an integral part of the solution: a linchpin.

But where do you start? With the customer.

We share Wilson Learning Corporation’s point of view of what it takes to be a consultative salesperson. Consultative salespeople gain advantage by knowing their customers as a business (their risk and success factors, their products and processes). With this in-depth understanding, salespeople can position their offerings in a way that links it to their customer’s vision and strategy. This includes:

  • Recognizing your customer’s buying behavior: knowing what the customer would value in terms of having a more strategic or transactional relationship—and adapting sales strategies to match.
  • Creating a competitive offering: finding something beyond the product or service that offers unique advantage—something the client values enough to pay a premium for.
  • Finding partnership linkages: consulting with customers who are open to partnerships about how to link the two companies at a business-to-business level to create real advantage.
  • Understanding business priorities: being able to access and ask the right people— the CEO, CFO, CIO and other executives—about their top business priorities and what keeps them achieving their strategic goals; then translating this information in to unique offerings that competitors cannot match.

These consultative tools will build a high level of trust and credibility with your customers—and help you build loyalty and strong competitive advantage.

Interested in knowing what it takes to turn you salespeople into sales consultants? Contact us today. We will send you a description of five things you can do to get started.