Innovation in sales and marketing translates into increased sales and margins. We help you foster innovation by applying the tools most appropriate to your unique situation.

We define effective innovation as positive change that your customer values and that, in turn, leads to more sales. We approach innovation with the following techniques:

  • Convergence
  • Drill-down
  • Spread-out

Convergence is expanding your thinking by looking at other functions or fields from which you might learn something valuable. Some of the biggest innovations are created by one field influencing another. For example, airlines strive to improve their ground operations by studying pit crews in car races. If you are a sales VP, we suggest looking at IT, technology, marketing, advertising, social media, sociology and psychology.

Drill-down is about getting to the nuts and bolts of what really happens in the field, shifting the focus from what sales leaders hope happens. We start with your high performers. Our goal is to identify best practices, understand what is successful and why and how to overcome challenges. We also look at why others are less successful, and use this combined view to spread best practices and eliminate roadblocks.

Spread-out takes a holistic systems view. It helps you understand your entire end-to-end process and how one step impacts others. It focuses on identifying barriers that may cause sub-optimal performance and identifies the steps that add the most value to the customer and your sales organization.

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