Sales Strategy

We spend too much time and money fighting off the competition with diminishing success.  How do we create and execute a more effective sales strategy?

We help our customers develop innovative solutions that leverage their strengths while differentiating them from the competition in ways that matter to their customers.

Our thinking reflects Wilson Learning Corporation’s point of view: A sales strategist is “focused on providing advantage to his or her own organization by determining which business is most profitable and executing winning strategies.” This includes:

  • Managing opportunities: deciding where to do battle and how to deploy resources.
  • Managing decisions: understanding and influencing the sociopolitical dynamics inside the customer’s decision-making process.
  • Managing competition: being keenly aware of the competition, understanding competitors’ sales strategies and creating an environment to exploit competitor weaknesses while neutralizing competitor strengths.
  • Managing messages: articulating the value of your solution by creating sales messages that incorporate the varying concerns of the buying team, emphasizing the value differently to different executives.

These strategic tools help you outsell your competitors—while ensuring profitable sales for you.

Do you want your salespeople to be more effective sales strategists? Contact us today. We will send you a list of three things you can start doing today.