Sales Training

Our sales training hasn’t been upgraded in several years. What changes should we make to improve our sales training while not redoing our entire sales development program?

Ask yourself these questions to determine what changes you should make and why before you make any changes.

  1. Why make a change? What is the issue or problem you are addressing?
  2. How well does your current sales training support your strategy?
  3. Where are the connections strong? Where could they be stronger?
  4. What outcome(s) do you want as a result of the change?
  5. Who is asking for this change and why?
  6. How will success be defined and measured?

We design and deliver sales training aligned with our customers’ sales strategy, objectives, plans, culture, time frame and budget. We leverage Wilson Learning’s broad range of products and services while tailoring the training to meet your needs.

Frequently, we start by addressing an urgent need that is part of the overall sales development strategy. This is particularly true with new customers who want to experience how we work and the effectiveness of our training programs before they employ us to work with them on their entire sales development strategy.

The cornerstone of our approach is this: We do whatever is best for each customer’s unique needs.

Interested in learning how upgrading your sales training would help your organization to grow? Contact us today to learn more.


“…fantastic instructors who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Classroom prowess is extraordinary and makes learning realistic, creative and fun. …practical knowledge of the business….extremely dedicated to the success and advancement of his students in and out of the classroom.”

- Manager IT and Services Industry