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Get a Free Analysis of Your Discovery Process

Better Discovery=Better Solutions=More Wins!

We use our Express Slice™ process to quickly and accurately analyze the effectiveness of your discovery process, with minimal time on your part and at no cost to you.

Express Slice™ is a process that we have developed over the years that enables us to look at a ‘slice’ of all the available information and quickly determine what’s working and what’s not.

We analyze your current discovery process in order to:

  • -Identify your desired discovery process,
  • -Identify the gap between current and desired,
  • -Offer suggestions to close the gap.

The steps in the process are:

  • Expectations: We will discuss and agree on deliverables, processes, roles and responsibilities.
  • Data gathering: You provide information about your current discovery process and your desired discovery process.
  • Interviews: We will interview a small number of sales managers—typically five.
  • Analysis: We will develop an analysis of the data provided and the interview findings.
  • Report: We will present you and the other managers with a report that focuses on recommendations.

Payoff for:

  • You: a no-cost quick read on whether our not your discovery is best in class or needs work.
  • Me: If your discovery process needs improvement, you will ask me to submit a proposal, and where your discovery is already best in class, then I have gained one more example of what best in class looks like.


Confidentiality : The information you’re asking for is confidential so how do I protect?

Typically we sign a mutual nondisclosure agreement.

Cost : What will this cost me?

It will not cost you anything for us to conduct this analysis.

Time investment : How much time will I need to invest in this mini analysis?

Typically our customers invest a total of four people hours.

Free : Why are you doing this work for free?

The more often I demonstrate the effectiveness of my analysis using the Express Slice™ process, the more customers ask me to work with them to improve their discovery process.

Speed : How long will the process take?

It typically takes less than 30 days from start to finish.

Interested in getting the Free analysis of your discovery process? Drop me a note.