Sales Meeting Idea: Surprise Your B2B Customer-Sell Differently!

Accountability of new sales behaviors is the key to successfully executing your sales strategy.

Most of us are skilled at keeping ourselves and others accountable for achieving numerical change performance goals. Don’t forget, however, to keep yourself and your salespeople accountable for the new behaviors that are required to successfully implement the sales strategy launched at your annual sales meeting .

Role of sales manager

Expectations: Be clear and specific and provide examples of the sales behaviors you expect.

Report: Ask your salespeople to report on situations in which they’ve used the new sales behaviors.

Review: Review these reports periodically with your salespeople. I recommend reviewing several of the first reports. This is important for a couple of reasons, not least of which is that all salespeople know right away that you are following through on your expectations. Another reason is so that you can identify those people who are exhibiting the new sales behaviors and acknowledge them. This will also help you identify those salespeople who are not using the new sales behaviors and have a follow-up conversation with them.

Feedback: Specifically acknowledge those who are demonstrating the new sales behaviors, while also acknowledging that some are having difficulty. Then, without identifying individuals, describe the difficulty and talk about solutions.

Adjustment: by paying attention to the reports you will have a good read on whether or not adjustments to the new sales behaviors is needed or not.

Reaffirm expectations: Reaffirm with your sales force why these new sales behaviors are important, how you will be available to help them implement the new behaviors, and that you will be monitoring them.

Role of the salesperson

Expectations: Make certain you understand these new sales behaviors. If you’re not clear about them, then talk to a sales colleague and/or your sales manager.

Report: If your sales manager requires a report, look at it not as an administrative task, but as a tool to help you adopt the new sales behaviors. In the case that your sales manager does not ask for a report, it’s a good idea to create one anyway. It’s for your benefit.

Review: Periodically review the reports to look for successes, identify problems and suggest solutions.

Adjustment: Make adjustments to your new sales behaviors.

Reaffirm expectations: Reaffirm for yourself what the new sales behaviors are, why they’re being implemented and how they benefit you.

For sales managers, a good time to discuss the new sales behaviors is during your weekly, monthly or quarterly sales meeting .

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