Improve Your Next Sales Meeting

FREE! Ideas to Improve Your Next Sales meeting

These ideas are designed to help you achieve the better results you want, like increasing share of wallet, winning more deals and stopping unwarranted discounting.

PAY OFF – for:

  • You : A no-cost, quick way to improve your next sales meeting by achieving your desired outcome.
  • Me : If you need work on your sales meeting, me to submit a proposal.

Want your next meeting to have more impact? Then sign up for this free offer today. For more information, please contact me.

Here are the steps we follow to develop our ideas for your next sales meeting.

  1. Set expectations to include: deliverables, process, role and responsibility.
  2. Data Gathering: You will provide information about your current sales meetings and you desired outcomes for your next sales meeting.
  3. Interviews: We will interview a small number (typically 5) in sales management.
  4. Analysis: We will develop an analysis to including a review of the data provided and the interview findings.
  5. Report: Scott will present to you and the other managers a report focused on recommendations.


Qualifications : What are the requirements to qualify for this free offer?

The requirements are that you must be a manager of salespeople in the B2B marketplace, and your target customers are mid-sized companies with sales of $500 million annually, or large companies.

Free : Nothing is really free, so what is the catch?

The more times we demonstrate our competence in helping our customers achieve one successful sales meeting, the more our customers ask us to work with them to improve their other sales meetings.

Confidentiality : The information you’re asking for is confidential so how do I protect it?

Typically we sign a mutual nondisclosure agreement.

Cost : What will this cost me?

The cost to you for us to conduct this analysis is zero dollars.

Time Investment : How much time will I need to invest in this process?

Typically our customers invest five people hours in total.

Speed : How long will it take?

From start to finish the process takes less than 30 days.

If you’re interested in how to get the free ideas for your next sales meeting, contact me .