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Sales Meeting Best Practices

This page offers a variety of solutions, including a Webinar, free offer and more content about sales meeting best practices that will help you turn your meeting into a sales management tool.

Don’t let your sales meeting be just an event! Instead, turn it into a sales management tool that will help you achieve your goals.

While sales meetings present the perfect opportunity to reenergize and refocus your sales force and celebrate your success, they are also the ideal time to incorporate five catalysts: connection, confidence, competence, creativity and commitment.

Professional Sales Meetings

Connection : A multifaceted catalyst by which an account executive says, “I value the opportunity to connect to other salespeople, sales support and the implementation team, as we can all help each other be even more successful.” Also staying connected to our clients even when there is no immediate payoff for us.

Confidence: A renewed feeling of confidence that allows the account executive to communicate to clients with passion, clarity and energy. You know you have activated this catalyst when you hear an account executive say, “I have a renewed confidence in our ability to sell, design, create and implement, and to measure the impact of integrated learning solutions that help our clients achieve their CSFs.

Competence : The account executive gains a new set of skills as well as the conviction that the skills will work.

Candor : This one is most important to me in working with prospects and clients. I’m reminded to ask the tough questions but not be hard-nosed about it. For example, by using the Nine Elements of Knowing Your Customer (9EKYC)

Creativity : The ability and willingness to explore alternative solutions for the customer. This was evident to me throughout the entire sales meeting in how account execs—with help from marketing—figure out smart and effective ways to stay connected to their clients; how and when to pull in other resources (sales operation, software solutions, extended enterprise and global); and how those resources contribute to propose, design, create, produce and implement solutions that wow our clients.

Commitment : An internalized attitude in which the account executive says, “I will execute a sales plan that supports the overall business strategy,” and come up with a new sales plan to complement that renewed commitment.

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