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Bulls Eye! Success We are glad to see that you are interested in pursuing the possibility of achieving success at the same or better level then our current customers. Just complete the form at the left and we will get back to you right away.

Each solution that we implement large or small is designed to meet the total needs of the customer. In some cases the customer desires a large scale custom solution which we are happy to develop for them. In other cases the customer has a small budget and a desire to implement quickly & we implement an off-the-shelf solution, carefully selecting the program from our extensive data base. In most cases our customers are somewhere in between. That is they want a tailored solution that fits within their budget and is quickly implemented.

That solution might include one, some, or all of the following services;

  • Effectiveness Assessment : Determining what's working, what's not and why? We use data that you have and add where and when it's necessary to conduct a thorough analysis and make recommendations.
  • Sales Meeting: Designing and facilitating a sales meeting that is both more creative and is more effective at constructing and motivating sales force planning. This might include a single module 90 min. in length for quarterly sales meeting or help designing a complete multi-day annual sales meeting
  • Strategic Alignment: Working with the leadership team to make certain that they are aligned around a shared vision, goals, strategy, critical success factors and plans.
  • Sales training: Developing the skills of sales manager and salespeople. We minimize time out of the field and are focused on improving sales results.
  • Extended Learning System: this surround learning event that the preparation and apt occasion activities that fully support the learning.  We use multiple technologies to make it reliable and easy to use as well as minimizing any additional work required of busy managers and training professionals
  • Leadership Development: We have a robust curriculum that covers first-line leaders to executive. We challenge managers to rethink their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of “heroic manager” to “growth leader.” Executive Coaching: one to one, or one to small group.
  • Individual Contributor Development: we offer a variety of programs, one example is our program called UP -FRONT Persuasion through Presentation Deliver more compelling and persuasive presentations.
  • Sales strategy implementation/learning transfer: making certain that the skills learned in training are effectively applied so there are new sales behaviors, immediate improved sales results and sustainable improvement.
  • Culture Change: The purpose of Creating a Culture of Engagement is for leaders:
  • To understand they have the responsibility for creating a culture of engagement for their own team and across their organization.
  • To understand the five critical elements of creating a culture of engagement.
  • To know what they must do to create the five elements of an engagement culture in their own team and organization.