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Sales Training Helped Account Managers to Close 200 More New Deals!

Your solution provided us with a way to differentiate ourselves by taking the discussion from buying things to buying solutions. ” Vice President of Sales closing the deal, hand shake

Customer : A Fortune 500 global IT technology corporation provides voice, data, and other technology services.

Business Situation : This customer was expanding rapidly, and needed to train new salespeople as quickly as possible. They wanted their new account managers to have a common language, sales process, and a common approach to working with customers to help them to become productive as quickly as possible.

The customer wanted a partner that could help their regional offices develop market share more quickly by enabling account managers to differentiate in the field. The key indicator of success was salesperson productivity–how fast could they get started in new regions.

Approach : Specifically, this customer was looking for a firm that:

o    Was experienced in sales organization development in their industry.

o    Had proven sales process and language that supports that process.

o    Had the capabilities to provide both sales training as well as salesmanagement training support.

This initiative represented a significant investment for the organization.  It was critical to demonstrate results in terms of increased numbers of calls on a wider range of contacts and more calls at higher levels, as well as an increase in closed business.

Solution :

o Implemented The Sales Advantage Series (SAS) to provide the complex consulting skills needed to communicate credibly with executives and develop solutions that add value to the customer’s business.

o Account managers learned how to align their offering with customers business processes, buying styles, value chains, and critical priorities.

o Sales managers attended reinforcement sessions so they were prepared to support their account managers back on the job.

Impact on Sales Performance :To assess the impact of SAS, account managers and sales managers completed an online survey that included both open- and closed-ended questions.  We found that:

o    Account managers increased their ability to call at an executive level by 46%.

o    88% of account managers had broadened their contacts within customer organizations.

o    94% of account managers had identified new opportunities.

o    62% of account managers had closed at least one more new opportunity.

Overall Results :

o    Account managers reported “calling higher and wider” in their accounts.

o    All sales mangers responses to open-ended questions indicated that SAS had improved the business outlook and had advanced the business by changing how their teams were selling.

Customer Testimonial: “Using the concepts and principles learned in [SAS] proves that new doors and business relationships can be opened/developed, and ultimately make us more successful.” – Sales Manager.

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