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Poor communication between levels was poisoning relationships thereby reducing Doctor and nurse talking effectiveness.


At one of the Nation’s Top 10 Children’s Hospitals, the Vice-President of Patient Care Services was determined to develop leadership competencies in her 1500 person organization beginning with communication skills among members of her leadership group.

Business Situation

The Vice-President of Patient Care Services recognized that communication barriers and conflicts among staff members were decreasing productivity and negatively impacting patient care. At the recommendation of an executive coach, she made the decision to implement a pilot of Wilson Learning’s Building Relationship Versatility (BRV) with the senior members of her leadership group.  This was the first of several steps to increase leadership competence and the first competency targeted was communication skills.

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Customer: effective customer solution means more sales

The customer is a large security technology company that develops solutions for enterprises, governments, small and medium-sized businesses and consumers.

Business Situation:

This customer was developing a new go-to-market strategy. This change in strategy required a shift in the mindset, skills, tools and metrics of the entire sales organization. The implementation strategy was to ensure that there was a solution selling methodology in place and also an on-going “level of discipline” for implementing and using this approach with rigorous management support.

A few areas of needed performance improvement included:

  • Repositioning their organization to the market (through their sales force) as a Computer Security Consulting firm rather than a provider of specific products.
  • Addressing customer business problems rather than selling with a product out mentality

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The client is a Fortune 1000 engineering and software provider serving customers in the hand shake, success architecture, engineering and construction, manufacturing, digital media and entertainment industries.

Business Situation:

This client’s growth strategy included the addition of resellers to their sales channel. In order to maximize time-to-proficiency in selling their solutions, a new on-boarding process was designed and implemented.  The client looked to Wilson Learning as an experienced leader in sales effectiveness to help with program development and implementation.

The resellers are very significant to this client’s overall sales process; they drive approximately 80 percent of new business. Speed-to-proficiency in understanding their business and implementing a solution selling approach is essential as new channel partners are added.

With a significant number of new channel partner employees joining, the client recognized that this need applied to channel sales employees new to the company and new to the industry. Increasing speed-to-proficiency required a focus on their products, processes, and customer industries, all in the context of solution selling.


We were engaged to provide consulting in the design and implementation of a program.  Content from our flagship consultative selling program provided the core concepts and skills of solution selling, while industry-specific case studies were created to integrate the program’s content and provide for application.  The solution included:

  • Sales Leadership: senior sales leaders’ participation to support their role in driving the initiative.
  • Skills and Tools: were linked to support an existing Opportunity Management system already in place.  This was positioned as the “what to do” regarding an opportunity.  The consultative selling methodology was positioned as the “how to do it”.  The two worked perfectly together.
  • Process: sales managers and salespeople were trained in a multi-step implementation with case studies designed specifically for the customers industry and level of contacts they wanted their salespeople calling.
  • Follow up: a series of reinforcement emails, with links to reminders, tools, case studies etc. were sent at regular intervals to participants after the workshop. The emails helped to reinforce the counselor approach and inspire application.
  • Global Implementation: in these countries United States, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Australia, China, Singapore, and Japan.

Impact on Sales Performance:

  • Increase of 44% in the average contract size occurred post-training.
  • 4:1 return on investment: post-training analysis asked salespeople to cite a single sale and calculate how much they could attribute the sale to this program. The results revealed a 4:1 return on investment—for the single sale.
  • Sales increase of 10 percent: post-tests and assessments show a sales increase of 10 percent and higher across three vertical industries—manufacturing, building, and infrastructure.

Overall Results:

  • 70% of participants indicated change in their Preparation and Problem Solving skills.
  • 75% indicated that sales training program helped create new business opportunities or maintain relationships.
  • 77% indicated that they agree or strongly agree that it was easy to apply the skills on the job.

Customer Testimonial:

“The sales training has helped me recognize the different buying styles of people and processes. I use discovery questions to learn the buying process of each account- who I need to talk to and what their timelines are for making decisions.  I used questioning technique yesterday to help a client uncover advantages of making upgrades.”

Interested in a sales training program that can dramatically increase your sales per contract? If so contact me .

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Your solution provided us with a way to differentiate ourselves by taking the discussion from buying things to buying solutions. ” Vice President of Sales closing the deal, hand shake

Customer : A Fortune 500 global IT technology corporation provides voice, data, and other technology services.

Business Situation : This customer was expanding rapidly, and needed to train new salespeople as quickly as possible. They wanted their new account managers to have a common language, sales process, and a common approach to working with customers to help them to become productive as quickly as possible.

The customer wanted a partner that could help their regional offices develop market share more quickly by enabling account managers to differentiate in the field. The key indicator of success was salesperson productivity–how fast could they get started in new regions.

Approach : Specifically, this customer was looking for a firm that:

o    Was experienced in sales organization development in their industry.

o    Had proven sales process and language that supports that process.

o    Had the capabilities to provide both sales training as well as salesmanagement training support.

This initiative represented a significant investment for the organization.  It was critical to demonstrate results in terms of increased numbers of calls on a wider range of contacts and more calls at higher levels, as well as an increase in closed business.

Solution :

o Implemented The Sales Advantage Series (SAS) to provide the complex consulting skills needed to communicate credibly with executives and develop solutions that add value to the customer’s business.

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planning annual sales meeting custom sales training Problem: The AE’s are selling in a highly competitive environment. While they are confident and comfortable with their current account base they are being asked to prospect for more new accounts, and that has proved challenging. They AE’s lack the skills to help them identify targets and secure face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Furthermore, they don’t know how to clearly set expectations once they have appointments and often find themselves compromising on price to secure the business.

Approach: The AE’s need to gain access to key decision-makers. This will help them to overcome the challenges they face when going head to head with their competitors.

Solution: We created a custom simulation focused on account prioritization, identifying call points to access and establishing a foundation for doing business. A total of 400 AE’s and their managers participated in the 2-½ hour simulation, in which field teams of 8-12 people competed against one another in a competition to garner the most appointments. A facilitator attended each of the 12 breakout rooms, and the training content delivery was a combination of custom design and counselor prospecting. Senior leaders traveled from room to room judging the competition, and the winning team(s) received prizes.

Outcome: The EVP of sales said that the simulation was one of the top three highlights from the national sales meeting overall. “It was a great exercise and everyone had fun.”

More importantly, post-meeting research documented impressive results: more than 85% of the salespeople were successful in identifying key decision-makers, and 70% of those had successful business calls with the decision-makers. 62% of account managers closed at least one new opportunity.

Interested in a sales training program that can dramatically increase your sales per contract? If so contact me .

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