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This is all about business leaders who are impacting the performance of companies—today and in the future.

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Global Business The premise of Listening-Tour2.0 is that, by listening to sales leaders and their customers we would all learn about issues, trends and solutions faster.

Confidentiality: all information that we gather is confidential. By that we mean no company’s name or person’s name will be divulged in any way.

Benefits: by participating in a Listening-Tour2.0 you obtain exclusive insights about your:

  • Customer: what’s on your customers mind including how they are changing.
  • Competition: what your competition is doing, thinking, and planning.
  • Salespeople: what their salespeople are doing, thinking, and their training needs.

Audiences: there are three primary audiences that are  the focus of the Listening-Tour2.0

  • Customers: the customer of Sales Executive, Sales Manager and Salespeople.
  • Sales: the sales organization including Sales Vice President, Sales Manager and Salespeople.
  • Training: the sales training department, learning and development, organizational development.

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