We’ve done listening tours in one form or another for 20 years. In 2009 I was inspired to restart listening tours after reading an article in the New York Times .

The article was a collection of interviews with entrepreneurs who found success in a difficult economy. One of those entrepreneurs was . Paige and I exchanged e-mails and met for a cup of coffee, and I ultimately hired her firm to help me launch the business.

Based on my 20 years of experience with listening tours and my conversations with Paige, Carpenter & Associates developed a new model, Listening-Tour2.0. The premise of Listening-Tour2.0 is that by using Web 2.0 tools to listen to sales leaders and their customers, we can all learn faster about current issues, trends and solutions.

Why should you participate in a Listening-Tour2.0? The benefits include receiving exclusive current, relevant and objective intelligence about your customers and competitors with the only cost being a small investment of your time.

There are two primary groups:

  • Customers: the customers of the sales executive, sales manager and salespeople
  • Sales: the sales organization, including the vice president of sales, sales manager and salespeople

Another important group is Training, which comprises the sales training department, sales operations, learning and development and organizational development consultants.

We start by selecting a single important subject, like the topic for our fall Listening-Tour2.0, “How to build strong customer relationship with your key customers.” Next we conduct one-on-one interviews, which we complement with online survey data. At this point in the process we summarize our preliminary findings.

Next, we check to see what thought leaders are saying. These thought leaders include Tom Peters, Brian McAfee, Brian Halligan, Seth Godin, Valeria Maltoni, Chris Brogan, David Brock and Ardath Albee.

We also conduct a Meta search for trends, insights, cross-currents and innovative solutions. We search business reports, blogs and articles, tapping into a variety of sources, including McKinsey, MIT Sloan’s Annual Sales Conference, TED conferences , Aberdeen Group, Wilson Learning Corporation, Forbes, Bain & Co, Harvard Business Review, CMO, CSO Insights and

We then create a report and presentation, which we share in an invitation- only Webinar. Afterward, we release the report exclusively to Listening-Tour2.0 participants, for a limited time.

All company information is kept confidential. We will share our observations on trends, patterns and insights.

Interested in participating in our next Listening-Tour2.0 about “Developing Stronger Customer Relationships with your Key Customers.” Contact us today. We will send you a description of the participants’ requirements for this Listening-Tour2.0.